Frequently asked questions:

Q. The granddaddy of all questions that we get “Why do you celebrate George Washington in Laredo, TX.”?
A. Well, besides being proud citizens of this great nation and there being many deserving men and women in our history -- The WBCA™ decided that Celebrating George Washington was as good a cause as any. Also, with the unique geographical location of Laredo and its predominantly Hispanic community, the city wanted to do something to remind the nation, just how proud the citizens of South Texas are to be a part of the United States of America.
Q. Where can we stay while visiting Laredo?
A. Well, you can always stay at our official hotel of the Celebration in the elegant and historic La Posada Hotel, you can book your room here.
Q. How can I become a vendor in one of the WBCA™ events.
A. Have no fear, click here and download our vendor application. For vendor information at one of our affiliate events please click here and select your affiliate event of interest.

Frequently asked questions regarding the WBCA™ Parades:

Q. Are four wheelers allowed?
A. No
Q. Are motorcycles allowed?
A. No, unless they are on a float as a prop. Any motorcycle on a float cannot be turned on at any time on parade route or while in staging area.
Q. Are convertibles allowed?
A. No, only the dignitaries selected by WBCA™ are allowed to use convertibles.
Q. Are jeeps allowed?
A. No, unless they are towing a float and are fully decorated.
Q. Are wrapped cars allowed?
A. No, Businesses should consider making a float for their respective businesses.
Q. Can bicycles be an entry?
A. No, only law enforcement uses the bikes to control traffic along route.
Q. Can items be thrown from a float?
A. No, items may NOT be thrown from a moving vehicle. Walkers along side the float (18 years or older) can hand out approved items. All items must be approved by the WBCA™ Parade Committees. WBCA™ has a corporate sponsor for this event and any item that is in competition with our sponsor will automatically be rejected.
Q. Who has to pay the fire department fee?
A. All floats must pay the fee and have the tagged and licensed fire extinguisher as required by the City Fire Department. Additionally, any non-float that has a generator (i.e. trucks with generator for a sound system) must pay the fee and have the tagged and licensed fire extinguisher as required by the City Fire Department. The Fire Department will be on site and will NOT make any exceptions to these rules.
Q. Can people ride in the back of a truck?
A. No
Q. Can political signs, shirts, balloons or any other campaign item be used on my float or worn by participants?
A. No, WBCA™ is a non-political organization and does not promote any particular candidate running for office. Therefore, any campaign signage on a float or entry will not be allowed in the parade. Participants wearing political campaign shirts will be asked to remove the shirts in order to be allowed to participate. Sitting elected officials are allowed to participate and represent their respective office but would not be allowed to wear campaign shirts or use campaign signage. All policies and guidelines set by WBCA™ are established to make our parades safe and enjoyable for the community. Another goal is to keep the parades at a reasonable and enjoyable length. Therefore, we must keep the number of entries limited.
Q. Can anybody sell food at the Parades?
A. The City of Laredo Environmental Health Department is in charge of all vendors along parade route. The Health Department will cite food vendors who sell food without permits and/or vendors who are in violation of City Food Sanitation Ordinances. Laredo Municipal Court fines could range up to $2,000. The rules of food preparation and personal hygiene apply to all food service workers, whether they are paid professionals or volunteers. For more information please contact the City of Laredo Environmental Health Division at (956) 795-4904 or e-mail: