Portraying George Washington is Jose M. Rubio, Jr.

Portraying George Washington is Jose M. Rubio, Jr.

Pliar Monroy

Joe Rubio was born in Laredo, Texas. He attended local public schools and graduated from Nixon High School in 1972. Mr. Rubio graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1976 with a double major in history and political science. He then attended the University of Houston Law School, and after passing the State Bar Exam, returned to Laredo. In 1980, he opened his private practice, concentrating on the areas of family law and criminal defense. In addition, he served as trustee for the Laredo Independent School District and as well as the school district’s attorney.

      In 1988, Joe Rubio launched the first of five successful campaigns for the post of District Attorney for the 49thJudicial District, comprised of Webb and Zapata counties. Upon winning the election at the age of 34, he became the youngest elected district attorney in the history of the district. He was re-elected for four more terms and served a total of twenty years. This makes him the longest serving District Attorney for Webb and Zapata counties.

      While serving as District Attorney, Joe Rubio fought child abuse by helping create the Child Abuse Coalition. The result of the coalition’s efforts was the founding of the Children’s Advocacy Center, a facility recognized throughout the state as a model for handling of child abuse victims and prosecution of child abusers.  In addition, Mr. Rubio established two new units within the District Attorney’s Office: the Child Abuse Unit as well as the Domestic Violence Unit. Mr. Rubio is proud to say that his daughter, Julia, is now a prosecutor in the Special Victims Unit. In keeping with of his mission to make our community safer, Joe established the Safe Haven project which has been of great benefit for parents as it provides a controlled environment for the exchange of children and helps prevent parental conflict during periods of visitation.

        Mr. Rubio is now practicing privately. His practice consists of criminal defense, both at the state and federal level, as well as family and civil law. He has been married for 35 years to his wonderful wife, Elizabeth Jones Rubio.