Portraying Martha Washington for 2019 is Anna Isabel Alvarez

Portraying Martha Washington for 2019 is Anna Isabel Alvarez

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Anna Isabel is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hector H. Garcia, Sr. of Laredo, Texas.  She is married to Eduardo H. Alvarez, and they are the parents of three sons Eduardo II, Carlos and Jorge.  She is a graduate of St. Augustine High School and received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Art History from Pine Manor College in Boston, Mass.

Anna Isabel has been a member of the Society of Martha Washington since 1997.  She was presented as a debutante by the Society in 1983.  She served the organization in many capacities including President in 2009, 2nd Vice President in charge of Program in 2003, Son’s and Daughters of Liberty where they accompany George and Martha Washington on school visits.  Most recently she is the Chairperson of the Heritage Costume display at TAMIU where the history of the society is a highlight. Her family has a long history with the Society and WBCA.  Anna Isabel’s parents were George and Martha Washington in 1999; son Eduardo II was an escort with Princess Pocahontas in 2012, Carlos was the United States Abrazo child in 2005 and Jorge an SMW escort in 2016.

She is very active in her community and is a member of several organizations.  Anna Isabel is a board member of WBCA where she maintains the display of costumes and photos at the WBC Museum. She is also a board member of Laredo Center for the Arts and is a member of the Woman’s City Club.  She is a past board member of Webb County Heritage Foundation and City of Laredo Historic District landmark Board.

Anna Isabel is proud and honored to be a part of Laredo history as Martha Washington for 2019.  She is also very excited to portray Martha during The Society of Martha Washington’s 80thAnniversary.