WBCA Unveils Commemorative Poster for 119th Celebration

WBCA Unveils Commemorative Poster for 119th Celebration

760x310 Poster

LAREDO, TX – The Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association (WBCA) unveiled “A Jubilation of our Traditions” by Angie D. Moore as the official 119th Celebration’s Commemorative Poster for the upcoming 2016 festivities. The unveiling was held at the Laredo Center for the Arts, located at 500 San Agustin Avenue, on Thursday, September 17, 2015.

“The fond memories that the carnival evokes are the inspiration behind my painting,” Moore said. “Growing up I believed the celebration began when the carnival came to town, and now my children feel the same way; it’s their favorite part of the festivities.”

The WBCA Poster Unveiling has become one of the most colorful events leading up to the start of the Celebration. Since 1982, WBCA Presidents have selected local and regional artists to create original pieces to be used as the official commemorative poster.

This year’s commemorative piece is the featured work of Angie D. Moore, who was personally selected by WBCA President, Dr. Joe Castellano, to capture the essence of the 119th Celebration.

“The world-class artwork from our Poster Artists never ceases to amaze me, and Angie’s painting is no exception,” said Dr. Castellano, WBCA President. “Angie has managed to use color, and details from all the events to capture the very essence of the George Washington’s Birthday Celebration as her title so aptly states – A Jubilation of our Traditions.”

When asked of her selection to create the Commemorative Poster for the 119th Washington’s Birthday Celebration, Moore stated,

“I am both honored and humbled to have been selected as the official poster artist for 2016.”

Moore moved to Laredo from Detroit, Mich. as a toddler. She attended Nixon High and graduated from TAMIU with a dual degree in Psychology and Mathematics. After serving the community as an educator at Martin High School for several years, Moore now works side-by-side with her husband in the family business, Moore’s Jewelers.

In her spare time, she enjoys several hobbies, including sewing and interior design. She creates elaborate children’s costumes and takes a special interest in her own home’s décor, especially in the discovery and renovation of old treasures.

She enjoys planning fun, educational family expeditions that her children love and making lifelong memories.

Art is Moore’s main interest. A longtime scholar of the arts, she believes the creation process of the artwork is equally, if not more satisfying than the result.

“The kinetic act of painting in itself bears the benefits of being both therapeutic and gratifying, as it allows one’s hands to birth what would otherwise only exist within their mind’s imagination,”

said Moore.

Moore is a member of several charitable and social organizations. She attends local and area community workshops, always seeking opportunities to polish her skills. She believes improvement must always be a constant objective and thus enjoys the challenge of continued learning.

Moore particularly prides herself as being one of a select group of women who take painting classes with local artist Cristina Speer. The group is diverse but as a whole form a community that loves art, shares ideas, and encourages and fosters in one another’s creativity. In this nurturing community, she developed and refined her style.

Her favorite mediums are watercolor and acrylics, and she prefers classical clean lines and attention to detail, in adherence and with great reverence to the classic style of the Old Masters, favoring realism over abstraction; Classicism over Modernism.

Moore is married to Monte Moore, with whom she has two children, Lauren and Ryan.

This event is made possible with the support of Moore Jewelers, Dos Marias Kitchen, Quiznos on San Dario, Titey’s Cake Boutique, L & F Distributors and Southern Distributing.

“I want to thank Dr. Joe Castellano for trusting in my ability to portray the city’s Washington’s Birthday Celebration,” Moore said. “Laredo has always been my home and I am proud of its distinguished heritage and the jubilant celebration of its history.”

The 119th Celebration Commemorative Poster, “A Jubilation of our Traditions,” as well as any other WBCA souvenirs may be purchased at the WBCA office at 1819 E. Hillside Road, or may be ordered online at www.wbcalaredo.org, by clicking on the souvenirs tab. The commemorative poster will also be used for the cover of the official 2016 WBCA Program Book and invitations.