IBC Youth Parade Application

IBC Youth Parade Application

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The online application, entry fee, line up form and liability form MUST be completed by Thursday, December 5, 2019 in order for your application to be considered complete.


Energy pulsates through the streets of Laredo with this year’s parade theme — Tradition’s Glow. Spark your imagination and take the time to light up the Celebration with your most creative and colorful designs. We want to highlight what makes the Celebration an integral part of the history of our great city and show why it has become a beacon of entertainment to Laredoans and visitors alike. The Celebration’s glow and positive atmosphere brings out the best that Laredo has to offer and we hope you can capture some of that magic with your incredible and elaborate creations.


An entry fee is required from each unit payable upon submission of the entry form online.  Your application will not be complete until full payment is received.

The entry fee is $20.00 for each non-profit or tax-exempt organization and $250.00 for commercial entries.

ALL Floats and any Vehicles with a generator or electrical inverters must pay an additional $20.00 fee for the City of Laredo Fire Department Permit for each parade. There are no refunds for canceling your parade entry.

Payment can be made via check or credit card over the phone at 956-722-0589.

Please make checks payable to: Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association.

Checks must be turned in to the WBCA Office located 1819 E. Hillside Rd, Laredo, TX 78041.


Schools that have more than one entry will be arranged in the parade line up according to your principal’s instructions.

This line-up order request does not guarantee parade entries that do not submit individual parade applications, entry forms, participant release forms, and fees for each entry unit.



The Mandatory Orientation Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 6 p.m. at the IBC Annex Ballroom (2nd Floor) located at 2416 Jacaman Rd.

Parade Entry Numbers, Maps, and Instructions will be issued at this meeting. Each entry is limited to a 40′ by 20′ foot print. Please contact the office at 956-722-0589 if your entry exceeds this amount. All floats/entries need to check in thru Lafayette — you will obtain parade entry number and fire permit (if applicable) there. Citations will be given along the route to those entries who do not follow the rules and guidelines. Those cited risk not being considered for parade judging. Cited entries also risk placement and inclusion in subsequent parades. The Washington’s Birthday Celebration Parade Committee will be available to answer any questions or concerns about your entry.


Please submit a script that is only one paragraph (5 sentences long only) in length or one hundred twenty-five (125) words or less to be read by the emcee. Failure to submit script by Thursday, February 6, 2020 will result in only entry name being read. Scripts will not be accepted after Thursday, February 6, 2020.

Please email your parade script(s) to: parades@wbcalaredo.org. Your parade script will only be accepted via email in a word document file.



All participant release forms need to be submitted on or before Thursday, February 6, 2020 – No Exceptions.

Individuals who will walk with a float entry must be 18 years or older and must complete a participant’s release form.

They must also have a WBCA Issued Bracelet to be allowed on the route.

Entry in the IBC Youth Parade is by invitation only.  WBCA reserves the right to reject any applications.
Due to the growth of our school population and parade time restraints, the IBC Youth Parade Committee must now limit the number of entries from each of the categories below to the following:
Principals are strongly encouraged to coordinate their school’s entries in order to comply with restrictions. We look forward to you being part of the IBC Youth Parade.

Rules & Guidelines for Parade Participants

Any unit, in whole or in part, not conforming to these Rules and Guidelines, using offensive language or inappropriate behavior will be dealt with immediately.  Penalties for non-compliance may include immediate removal from the parade, disqualification from judging, or barred participation in future parades.  Rulings by WBCA officials are final. The rules and guidelines will be strictly enforced.
DEADLINES:  WBCA reserves the right to reject any applications received after Thursday, December 5, 2019.  Parade applications received after the deadlines are subject to a $150.00 late fee and availability. *DUE TO CHANGES IN STAGING AREAS AND ROUTES, ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES CAN BE ACCEPTED.
T.V. – MASTER OF CEREMONIES NARRATION INFORMATION: The WBCA office and parade committee is not responsible for obtaining descriptions of your entry for use by Master of Ceremonies and TV anchors.  Scripts must be e-mailed to parades@wbcalaredo.org and be submitted using Microsoft Word.  Include all information that merits announcing (i.e. major awards, titles, drum majors, mascot, school colors, fundraisers, etc.).
RELEASE FORMS: Participant Release signature is required for each participant appearing.  For children under 12, form must be signed by a parent or guardian. For children between ages 12-18, the signatures of both child and parent or guardian are required. It is the responsibility of the designated person in charge to insure that each participant has submitted a form.
ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are payable upon submission of application and are not refundable, proof of tax status may be requested. Please make check or money orders payable to the WBCA.
                        Tax-exempt or Non-Profit     $ 20.00
Commercial Entry     $ 250.00
Fire Permit Fee             $ 20.00 (Per Unit – ALL Floats and ANY Vehicle w/ generator)
Late Fee                     $ 150.00
A) A designated “person in charge” is required to accompany all units. The name of this individual, along with his/her        daytime/cell phone number must be included on each application.  Units with children under the age of 12 must provide    responsible adult supervisors to accompany the unit.
B) All participants, their sponsors, and “persons in charge” will immediately comply with any request received from a parade or WBCA official.  The designated “person in charge” will be held responsible for the compliance of the unit as a whole.
D) For the safety of all participants, adult supervisors should ensure that their entries do NOT return on the parade route against oncoming parade traffic upon the completion of the parade.
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Consumption of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by participants is strictly prohibited.
PERFORMANCE LIMITATIONS: Performing of routines is strictly prohibited unless the routine is in a progressive motion.  There will be no stopping or pausing along the parade route, including in front of the judges and review stand.  No units may perform stunts or maneuvers that may endanger spectators.  This includes motor or mini cycle group and horse units.
THROWING OR DISTRIBUTION OF ITEMS DURING THE PARADE: Distribution or throwing of items (including candy, beads, and balloons) to the crowd by participants is prohibited unless the Parade Committee grants approval. No more than a maximum of 10 adult walkers can be designated to hand out items to the crowds along the route. WBCA officials retain the right to confiscate any said items. All walkers must have a WBCA issued bracelet to be allowed to accompany an entry.
EQUESTRIAN ENTRIES: Units using horses are required to provide a clean-up crew. The crew should also be available in the line-up area.  If a clean-up crew is not provided, then said entry will not be allowed to participate. No exceptions will be granted.  Horse entries must also comply with federal and state quarantine regulations.  For information concerning quarantine, please contact the USDA at (956) 723-3051 or the WBCA office.
FLOATS/ NON-FLOATS WITH GENERATORS (Float Size/Construction): A float shall be deemed a vehicle on which a frame or platform shall be at least 8’ x 20’ and completely decorated. Maximum height is 12’. Each float must be equipped with 1/2” bar with 11/2” eye for hooking a towline in case of breakdown.  All float entries must be constructed with fire retardant materials. ALL FLOATS and VEHICLES with a generator MUST CARRY AN “ALL PURPOSE”- 5 POUND ABC TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER WITHIN THE REACH OF THE DRIVER, Inspected and Tagged by a State licensed Fire Extinguisher maintenance inspector (current inspection tag). No Gasoline Containers will be allowed on floats and/or vehicles while the parade is in motion. No Smoking will be allowed on or off the floats and/or vehicles during the event. No Open Flames or Fireworks are allowed on or off floats and/or vehicles at any time. All Generators must have their exhaust outlet facing away from all combustible material at all times. Tail pipe for exhaust must extend to side of or rear, projecting beyond the float apron.  Signs bearing the name of the community, organization, or individual entering float must appear on the side aprons.  Devices displaying advertisement for any trade, mercantile pursuit, or business occupation shall not appear above the bed of the float.
POLITICAL SIGNAGE:  Absolutely NO political signs, materials, shirts, etc., are allowed on floats or on person participating on float.
WALKERS: Those individuals who will walk with an entry MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER and MUST complete a Participant’s Release Form. They must also have a WBCA issued bracelet to be allowed on the route.
VEHICLES: No closed vehicles i.e. vans and limousines will be allowed.  Trucks and automobiles will be permitted if pulling a float or carrying a sound system. NO individuals are allowed to ride in the back of the truck.  The only person that is allowed is the sound technician. (The Parade Committee can grant written approval for any exceptions.) All towing vehicles should be fully decorated to match the colors/theme of the float/entry. See attachment for examples.
MOTORCYCLES/FOUR WHEELERS/ATVs: Four wheelers (ATVs) and motorcycles will not be allowed unless they are part of a law enforcement unit. Law Enforcement units are asked to limit these vehicles to 4 in total.
CAR CLUB ENTRIES:  Due to time restrictions and the length of the parade, each car club may have only two (2) of their best cars as entries in the parade. In addition, all car club entries must have participated in the WBCA Pipes and Stripes Car Show (Saturday, February 15, 2020) to be eligible to participate in the parade.
LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTRIES: Due to time restrictions and the length of the parade, law enforcement entries (not those securing the route) will be limited to one Float and two squad cars per law enforcement agency. If the agency does not have a float, then two additional cars may be added for a total of 4 cars. (The Parade Committee can grant written approval for any exceptions.)
FIREARMS/OTHER WEAPONS: The presence of firearms, knives, or other deadly weapons on the parade route, or anywhere within the parade staging area shall be grounds for immediate removal and/or disqualification from participation in the parade event.  This prohibition includes replicas, or other items which may appear to be a firearm or other deadly weapon.  This prohibition does not include any items which are part of an organizations official uniform or costume.  WBCA shall have sole authority regarding the qualification or disqualification of any individual or organization as a result of this provision.  Any decisions made under this section are final, with any proceeds paid to WBCA being non-refundable.
INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: Individuals or organizations exhibiting behavior deemed inappropriate or offensive shall be subject to removal and/or disqualification from participation in the parade event.  Furthermore, any individual or organization identified as violating this provision shall be prohibited from participating in future parades.
FLAGS: Any flags displayed in conjunction with the parade must conform to all regulations governing the display of flags in the USA.
CITATIONS: WBCA Committee Members will be issuing citations to all entries/participants that do not follow the rules & guidelines. Those cited risk not being considered for parade judging. Cited entries risk placement and inclusion in subsequent parades.
PARADE LINE-UP: A Mandatory Orientation Meeting will be held on THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 2020 AT 6 PM AT THE IBC ANNEX BALLROOM 2ND FLOOR, 2416 JACAMAN RD.  Parade line up numbers, maps, and instructions will be issued at this meeting.  The Parade Committee will be available to answer any questions or concerns about your unit(s).
**Any FLOAT or NON-FLOAT not complying with ANY of the above listed requirements will NOT participate.

Do’s for the IBC Youth Parade Under the Stars Parade Participants

1. Do be kind.  Everyone working the parade is a volunteer.  We have families and jobs that we are taking time from to help you and the community.  Our goals are to prevent accidents, help everyone have a good time, and to run an efficient parade.
2. Do follow the parade route.  Please do not allow anyone in your group to deviate from the designated route.
Please make sure no one goes through, around, under, or moves barricades.
3. Do keep up with the entry in front of you.  Do not exceed 30 feet between entries.
4. Do keep your music turned off while in the staging area prior to the start of the parade.  It is okay to check your equipment, but then turn it off so that the volunteers can communicate with you and the other entries.
5. Do perform all your routines in motion.  Please do not stop to perform as this slows down the parade causing the last entries to finish very late and will also get your group disqualified.
6. Do keep your line-up number displayed on the right side of your entry.  The parade judges and review stand will be on your right.  Do not alter the numbers in any way.  This would result in immediate disqualification.
7. Do make arrangements to load your generators, towing vehicles, speakers, and any other equipment on your float prior to arrival.  No trucks will be allowed to deliver equipment to the floats after 4:00 p.m. on Thursday for the IBC Youth Parade or after 6:00 a.m. Saturday for the AB Parade.
8. Do have all your participants dismount the floats at the proper designated area.  Please make sure parents know to pick up their children at that same designated area. There will be volunteers as well as security at that location. Please do not allow children to return to the staging area on the float. For the safety of all participants, adult supervisors should ensure that their entries do NOT return on the parade route against oncoming parade traffic upon the completion of the parade.
9. Do remember that the throwing of candies, gum, coins, toys, etc. from moving vehicles is prohibited at all times.
10. Do be aware that silly string and poppers are prohibited at both parades.  It is against the law to use either of these things and it is punishable by a fine of up to $200.00. These things scare horses, drivers, and participants and can obstruct the vision of drivers.
11. Do respect our sponsors and do not hand out flyers or advertisements of any kind.
12. No political signs or materials may be distributed.
13. Do be sure that all walkers have a WBCA issued bracelet.  No more than 10 walkers will be allowed per parade entry.  Walkers must be at least 18 years or older.
Our goal is the safety of both participants and observers while having fun!

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