WBCA Unveils Commemorative Poster for 122nd Celebration

WBCA Unveils Commemorative Poster for 122nd Celebration

LAREDO, TX – The Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association (WBCA) unveiled “Our Culture Unites Us” by Jennifer Ramos as the official 122nd Celebration’s Commemorative Poster for the upcoming 2019 festivities.  The unveiling was held at the Laredo Center for the Arts, located at 500 San Agustin Avenue, on Thursday, September 14, 2018.

The WBCA Poster Unveiling has become one of the most colorful events leading up to the start of the Celebration. Since 1982, WBCA Presidents have selected local and regional artists to create original pieces to be used as the official commemorative poster.  This year, WBCA President Jay Puig chose to open up an art competition in order to give Laredo/Webb County residents ages 14 and over an opportunity to become the 122nd Official Poster Artist.

The competition launched on April 24 and officially closed on July 27. The theme for the contest was titled “What Does WBCA Mean to you?”  The Poster Unveiling committee reviewed the submissions and selected Jennifer Ramos as the Official Poster Artist of the 122nd Washington’s Birthday Celebration.

“All of the WBCA events do more than just bring a smile to peoples faces and takes them away from their hectic lives for a while and shows them a fun time, but it also unifies the whole town to celebrate not only our country’s first president but our city’s unique culture,” said Jennifer Ramos.

“Ever since I was elected as WBCA Treasurer I knew that I wanted to open up a contest to the public and give an opportunity to Laredo residents to submit their artwork.  I feel blessed for the incredible support we received and would like to thank everyone for their art submissions,” stated WBCA President Jay Puig.

When asked of their selection to create the Commemorative Poster for the 122nd Washington’s Birthday Celebration, Jennifer Ramos stated, “I would like to thank the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association for giving me the distinct honor and opportunity to create this unique piece of art representing Laredo’s Celebration.”

Jennifer Ramos is a 17-year-old Laredoan and Senior attending the Vidal M. Treviño School of Communications and Fine Arts and J.W Nixon High School. In 2016, she sparked local and national attention when her artwork was displayed in the “Art of Wonder Exhibition” in New York’s premiere Comic-Con and in the United Nations building. She also placed 1st with her inspiring artwork in the LETS Program HIV Awareness Art Contest held by the Laredo Health Department on April 10, 2018. Ramos uses her art as a form of self-expression and to raise awareness.  She seeks to spread a global message about the issues she feels passionate about, such as climate change, the exploitation and mistreatment of animals, discrimination and lack of opportunities against minorities, among others. Whether she is painting for a competition, for her art class, or for a commissioned piece, she not only adds exquisite detail to her paintings but also incorporates careful thought and deeper meaning in all of her work. Ramos usually works with acrylic but she’s always learning, perfecting her craft, and expanding on new techniques working with other mediums such as watercolor and oil.  She loves adding realism and modern style to anything her brush strokes.

Ramos’ passion for painting and drawing began at a very early age and she is extremely thankful that all throughout her life she has had teachers, art mentors, and most importantly her family, who have all been highly supportive and encouraging of her art and talents.

Ramos is immensely filled with gratitude towards the WBCA team for selecting her artwork to serve as the Official WBCA Commemorative Poster for the 122nd Washington’s Birthday Celebration. Ramos thought carefully of this year’s theme “What does WBCA mean to you?” and imagined the time of year where in her unique hometown one name brings a whole city together with its numerous festivities. That was the inspiration behind her work “Our Culture Unites Us”. A stoic George Washington looks to the past and (if you look closely) also the future, as we celebrate him in the present with beloved 122-year-old traditions, which beautifully capture our unique culture that unites us.

The Official Artwork will be used to promote our city and the celebration. Postcards with the 122nd Official Poster will be available for purchase at the WBCA Office.

A special WBCA Postcard Collection featuring the artwork of Annette Ruiz, Consuelo T. Ramirez, Michele Renee Olavarria and Raquel Valle Senties will also be available for purchase. WBCA President, Jay Puig, personally chose these four talented artists to highlight Laredo, Laredo’s talented artists and the Washington’s Birthday Celebration.

This event is made possible with the support of Dos Marias Kitchen, Quiznos, Titey’s Cake Boutique, Abner Miranda Lighting, L&F Distributors and Southern Distributing.

The 122nd Celebration Commemorative Poster, “ Our Culture Unites Us,” as well as any other WBCA souvenirs may be purchased at the WBCA office at 1819 E. Hillside Road. The commemorative poster will also be used for the cover of the official 2019 WBCA Program Book and invitations.

Throughout the years, the Celebration has grown to be over a month long and consists of parades, dazzling pageants, fireworks, a carnival, an air show, a sizzling Jalapeño Festival and much more.  Combined, WBCA events attract nearly 500,000 residents and visitors, and contribute an estimated $14 million every year to the local economy.

The Washington’s Birthday Celebration was recently ranked as one of the Top 100 Events in North America by the American Bus Association (ABA) because of the excellent entertainment value it offers to both tour groups and individual travelers from around the world.

The 122nd Washington’s Birthday Celebration takes place January 24 – February 25, 2019. Tickets for events may be purchased in early February at the WBCA Kiosk inside Mall Del Norte (at Macy’s Center Court).

For additional information, click on wbcalaredo.org, e-mail wbca@wbcalaredo.org, contact the WBCA office at (956) 722-0589, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or visit 1819 E. Hillside Road in Laredo, TX.